Class Descriptions

Urban Circuit Training – A full body workout done in circuit form. Challenge each body part with a variety of exercises to target each body part and keep your heart rate up by moving from one exercise to another. Great for all fitness levels.

Urban Instructors Choice – This class could incorporate any of the Urban Strength Club workouts. Be pleasantly surprised.

Urban H.I.T. class – This workout is a timed workout and challenges you to your own ability utilizing weights, body weight exercises and metabolic work. Great for all fitness levels.

Urban Strength – A weight training workout moving each individual into getting stronger to their own ability.

Urban Warrior – A Boot Camp style workout sure to challenge you. A variety of cardio, strength and metabolic exercises. Intermediate to Advanced.

Urban Kickboxing – Combinations exercises along with bag training. Get ready to work.

Urban Pilates – Pilates sure to get your core in shape. A strong core helps with building a good foundation to help you get stronger.

Urban Yoga – A vinyassa style yoga class that will work with each yoga level of fitness to grow you into more complex movements.