About Us

We are about community . Helping each other get stronger, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing things we didn't think was possible. We are Urban Strength Club

Debbie O'Toole has been involved in Fitness all her life. Her passion is to create a community amongst members to encourage each other to accomplish goals they didn't feel possible. To feel good about themselves no Matter what fitness level you are and to Believe in yourself and most importantly to have fun.

Debbie's son, Michael Martire, former Navy Command Fitness Leader has come aboard to offer his expertise in training. Also, NASM certified, Trx Certified and Crossfit Certified, joins the team in teaching Group Fitness Classes.

To finally see your vision come a reality and have your sign put up, makes the struggles of the past year start to disappear and a new bright future ahead. Thank you everyone for your support over the years and especially this last one! Now let's workout!

Urban strength Club is proud to
Offer yoga with Kristen O'Rourke Leavitt. A great addition to our
Community !

Connecting and promoting great companies, including Chris Kalisz, The Mobility Project, Kathy Harkonen-isagenix, Greg Parrella-the simplest life, Barbara Franzino- Owner at Soulcare physical therapy & Myofascial Release

Meet Amy Murphy, graphic designer, creator of the logo design and client. Thank you so much Amy for all of your hard work and help with the sign company.

Classes Description